Today 3rd of Aug 2020

Rainy towards the evening: Still very humid and unstable air over the Alps.

The weather

Some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, widespread and partly strong rain in the evening and night. Highest temperatures between 17° and 26°.

Mountain weather

In the afternoon more frequent showers and thunderstorms. Widespread and partly strong rain in the evening.

Tomorrow 4th of Aug 2020

Cloudy with showers: A depression over northern Italy will determine the weather conditions.

The weather

Cloudy sky with some showers during the first part of the day. Partly dry conditions and North foehn in the afternoon. Top temperatures between 14° and 25°.

Mountain weather

Cloudy, windy and rainy in the morning. Snowline sinking at 2400 m in the North, in the South until 2700 m. Less precipitation in the afternoon.

The next days

wednesday 05
max: 30°
min: 7°
thursday 06
max: 32°
min: 9°
friday 07
max: 32°
min: 11°
saturday 08
Partly cloudy
max: 33°
min: 10°